About The Artist

Artist Statement

My artwork is an exploration of natural and rural settings. It is here that I feel most at peace and am prompted to do some deep introspective work.

I work in a realist style, which allows me to capture the subtle details found in nature. I work exclusively in black and white, because for me color is a distraction.

Every artwork begins by viscerally connecting with my subject matter before I ever put pen to paper. I imagine I can hear the babbling of the brook and the wind through the trees, smell the dew on blades of grass, and feel the sunlight kissing the leaves.

I choose to work with ink on paper because it reminds me of the black and white etchings found in the illustrated classics I loved as a child.

Artist Bio

Stacy-Ann Topjian Searle is a landscape artist who uses pen and ink to create detailed drawings in black and white.

Stacy-Ann is a member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators. She is a juried artist who has participated in exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

Her work is in private collections throughout the United States and overseas.

Searle began her art education by taking workshops at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston Massachusetts. She later earned a BA in Art from the University of Lowell, Lowell Massachusetts, where her focus was on Illustration.

Originally from New England, she now calls Chapel Hill, North Carolina home.